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We Love Travel!

At Godwit Tours we aim to bring you the best possible service in touring.  Each tour that we offer is a reflection of our own love of discovery and our ever-deepening experience. 


Founded by a Turkish-Kiwi couple, we embarked on this journey with the richness of our two cultures coming together to undergird the wealth of our travel experience and the things we have learned from friends all over the world.  We chose the Godwit, a migratory bird that holds the record for the longest non-stop flight of any land bird, as a fitting symbol of daring journeys and the interchange of life shared between two cultures from opposite sides of the globe. 


We know how important your holidays are to you; our desire for you is to meet with not only comfort on our tours but also the joy of discovery and the passion that it awakens. And we believe that your travel with us will be not just a memory but the beginning of something new as we forge real relationships through our shared experiences. 


The richness that comes from getting to taste different cultures is a priceless privilege. We invite you to come on this journey with us!

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